Walled Lake’s first dispensary offers something new to customers

Jacob Hornback was enjoying a ride around Walled Lake on his motorcycle when a vintage coffee truck outside the Greenhouse of Walled Lake caught his eye, causing him to pull over and check it out. 

Customers gather outside The Greenhouse of Walled Lake’s coffee and donut truck. Photo by. Yousef Enayah

Hornback, who resides in Warren, said he enjoys exploring different areas and found himself being attracted to the truck because of the opportunity it gave him to enjoy the sunshine while also getting something to drink. “The umbrellas, the chairs, the outdoor seating, you don’t see a lot of places with this,” said Hornback, who has never stopped in Walled Lake before. “I’d rather be sitting outside if i’m riding around on the bike, it’s a nice summer.”

Owner of the Greenhouse and the coffee truck, Jerry Millen, said that his main goal when  opening up the truck was to enhance the experience of his customers.

Walled Lake hosts 12th annual fireworks festival

Gabriel Lalonde, a native of Rochester, drove 40 minutes to Walled Lake for the first time for micro wrestling. He said he enjoyed much more. “Free ice cream, free music, free entertainment, everybody’s happy,” said Lalonde. 

Natives of Walled Lake are used to attending the city’s annual festival for the huge firework show that is put on, but this year, residents from neighboring cities came to see the Micro Wrestling Federation. The Micro Wrestling Federation is a group of dwarfs who are professional wrestlers that tour the country putting on organized wrestling matches for people. https://youtu.be/EjTqnokHQ4Y
Mayhem broke out following all of the micro wrestlers introductions.