Local veterans organization provides needed support for community

By Rachel Beard
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

For U.S. veterans, finding information about important issues like veterans care and benefits can be challenging. But for the 666 veterans living in Lansing Township, the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post, Post 701, provides a vital support system. “There are so many organizations now that no one person could name them all, but many veterans are not aware that they even exist or that there are benefits available for them,” Vice President of the veterans organization Honor for All Kent Hall said. “There is no veterans phone book or lists available for us to contact a veteran in need. It is usually word of mouth.

VFW posts in Clinton County offer veterans a chance to share their experiences

By Nathaniel Bott
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

According to the Michigan Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, there are approximately 4,900 veterans of foreign wars currently residing in Clinton County. In fact, the veteran population is dwindling, as projections will drop below 4,000 veterans in the next 10 years. Arguably the most important community program for veterans, despite their downturn in numbers, upon their return to the United States are VFW, or Veterans of Foreign Wars, posts. They are establishments that allow veterans to get together and share their common experiences. “They do a lot of things as far as events, different veteran type of events, like things for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, all types of community activities,” Joe DiGiovanni, a certified Veterans Service Officer for the American Legion said.

Government actions affect many Americans

The American people will soon face the repercussions of recent governmental changes. From the Affordable Care Act to recent cuts in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, many people will find their lives changed, including folks who live within the two small Michigan towns of Bath and Dewitt. Affordable Health Care Act effects many

Tom Isanhart, auxiliary member at the Dewitt Veterans of Foreign Wars, says that the Affordable Health Care Act has not yet affected him. “It won’t affect me much, but it’ll effect everyone else,” said Isanhart. “Many will lose coverage because their employers would rather pay the fines than pay the costs of coverage.”

With food stamps being cut earlier this month, many are concerned by the loss of meals for families.

VFW draws large crowd for good cause

By Noriah Williams
Mason Times staff writer

MASON – Just outside the town lies a white, wooden building with an American flag flying high. This building is Mason VFW 7309, better known as the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization. It is in this building that for 50 years, men who have fought in wars and conflicts overseas come for support and fellowship. Along with these veterans are the men and women of the American Legion Auxiliary who, though never enlisted in the Armed Forces, join to support these veterans in any way they can. The purpose the VFW hall serves is an important one, yet its survival is under constant threat.