Lansing School District plans to remove underground fuel tanks

By Sergio Martínez-Beltrán
Old Town Lansing Times Staff Reporter

Seven underground fuel tanks owned by the Lansing Board of Education could be removed after a vote on Nov. 5 by the board to recommend Lansing-based Triterra for the part of sub-contractor of the project. Lansing School District Chief of Operations Teresa Szymanski said the fuel tanks, located at the Lansing School District’s Service Center at 1717 Sam’s Way, are now unnecessary and their removal should be made as soon as possible. “We needed to have them for a fleet of 70-odd buses because we added the fuel in anticipation,” Szymanski said. “The kind of vehicle we have right now does not require that amount of critical mass of fuel we have right now.”

Szymanski said the area needed to be cleaned anyway.