New traffic law will penalize drivers who cause injury, death on private property

By Ally Hamzey
The Meridian Times Reporter

A Haslett resident furrows her eyebrows as the topic of the House Bill 4314, signed by Gov. Rick Snyder a few weeks prior, is brought into the conversation. The bill states that law enforcement has the authority to enforce traffic laws on private property that is open to the general public when moving violations result in death or serious injuries. The resident, who wished to remain anonymous, explains that she is a nurse who interacts with people with such serious injuries very often. “I’m a nurse, and I see people who were injured very badly on private property, and they get nothing,” she said. “They get no compensation at all.

Grand Ledge warns drivers to prepare for winter traffic conditions

By DeVinnia Moore
Living in the Ledge Staff Reporter

With winter approaching, bringing icy roads, gloomy skies and crazy winds, traffic experts are reminding Grand ledge commuters to drive safely. “The average traffic issue will vary with the time of year,” said Chris Blievernicht, a Grand Ledge police lieutenant. Experts say drivers need to calibrate their habits for the changing conditions. “In the beginning of winter, drivers mindsets have to adjust to conditions,” said David Kack, the mobility and public transportation program manager at the Western Transportation Institute. “In the winter time people tend drive too fast for the weather conditions and this causes them to run lights or slide through stop signs,” said Kack.

Traffic maintenance: does it need to stop or go?

By Madeline Sewell
Clinton County Chatter staff reporter

ST. JOHNS –– Road maintenance is an important public service, but for some it can be frustrating. It can cause cause delays, traffic jams, and on occasion accidents. But without upkeep the public would be in danger. According to The World Bank Transportation Notes, “poorly maintained roads constrain mobility, significantly raise vehicle operating costs, increase accident rates and their associated human and property costs.”

Performing routine upkeep on what you have is an important factor for many communities, including those in Clinton County.

Construction in Downtown East Lansing Could Affect Business

It is only the beginning of spring , yet construction is already rampant in East Lansing. As of March 4, M-43 (Grand River Avenue) from Coolidge Road to Abbott Road, and Michigan Avenue from Harrison Road to the split with M-43 has been covered with orange. Grand River Cafe owner John Miller and Crunchy’s manager Mike Kruger give their takes on what this construction could do to business. Beginning on May 6 a series of additional construction work will make its way down Grand River Avenue eventually reaching Park Lake Road.  All work should be finished by the beginning of October 2013

West Michigan bridge project on track — if there's enough money

Capital News Service
LANSING – The Department of Transportation (MDOT) anticipates less traffic congestion when the M-231 bridge, forecasted to be the sixth-longest bridge in Michigan, is done in three years. The bridge will measure about 3,700 feet long and 47 feet high, MDOT said. After construction, M-231 will stretch 7 miles and connect M-45 (Lake Michigan Drive) to I-96 and M-104. MDOT Director Kirk Steudle said, “Just the crossing of the Grand River will be huge from a mobility standpoint.”
Steudle said there are currently 20 crossings of the Grand River in Kent County. MDOT Grand Region communications representative John Richard said it will be the fourth Grand River crossing in Ottawa County.