MSU student, 23, running for state representative in 67th district

By Alexandra Donlin
MI First Election

Most college students typically don’t think about running for a political office, at least while they’re still in school. However, Alec Findlay, despite being a senior at Michigan State University and only 23, has decided to run for state representative in the 67th District, which includes Mason, Williamston, Leslie and part of Lansing. “Alec’s work-ethic, intelligence and social skills will serve him and the district well,” said Patrick McAran, friend and supporter of Findlay. “There is much disapproval of the incumbent candidate and it seems it is time for a change.”

Findlay, a Democrat, is running against Tom Cochran, also a Democrat, who is running for this third and final term, due to term limits. Aside from being a full-time political science student, Findlay also works part-time – all while he is building up his campaign.