Thrifting in Lansing Township on the rise

By: Hannah Brenner
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

City Rescue Mission Upscale Thrift and the Volunteers of America thrift stores in Lansing Township are seeing a changing demographic of thrifters. The demographic has shifted in the last few years, with college age shoppers taking a newfound interest. The reasons for thrifting have shifted for some as well, from financial need to environmental consciousness and creativity.

Thrifting: the next big thing in Lansing?

By Tyler Austin
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter

The Lansing area is home to restaurants and shops of all different kinds; mom and pops, chain businesses and everything in-between. But some of the younger residents in the area seem to be struggling to find reliable stores to buy clothes from. More and more people are beginning to gravitate away from name brand shops like American Eagle and Express and head over to the local thrift stores. “I get so much more from thrift stores than regular stores,” Lansing resident Esther Okunrounmu said. “It’s just cheaper and you can get some really cool stuff.”

It should come to no surprise that thrift stores and retail shops are the places to be when looking for a deal when sometimes such places are selling clothes from big names like Calvin Klein for less than $10, which was found at the Meridian Township Salvation Army store on Oct.