East Lansing says its goodbyes to city manager

By Keosha Burton
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Many people gathered Sunday afternoon to say their goodbyes to former City Manager of East Lansing, Theodore J. Staton. A community farewell was held at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center in honor of Staton, who resigned as city manager after 16 years. Staton announced that he would resign after receiving a job opportunity as a city manager for Upper Arlington, Ohio.  Staton’s last day was Oct. 7.

East Lansing says "Good-bye" to City Manager Theodore Staton

By Elliot Grandia
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

A long legacy of leadership came to a close this past week as East Lansing began saying goodbye to veteran city manager Theodore Staton. Staton’s stint as city manager officially ended Oct. 7 as he has decided to resign and move onto another city manager position in Upper Arlington, Ohio, according to cityofeastlansing.com. “My decision was made public in July,” Staton said. According to Cityofeastlansing.com, there will be a community gathering as a farewell to Staton on Oct.