AT&T Inc. deal garners public criticism

By Patrick Lyons
Lansing Star staff writer

The Lansing City Council sparked public criticism Monday over the terms of a license allowing AT&T Inc. to place telecommunication facilities in Adado Riverfront Park

The council voted unanimously to grant AT&T a license to proceed with the project. The project which allows AT&T Inc. to place underground facilities within a 10-foot-wide area under Adado Riverfront Park, south of and parallel to Saginaw Street, will pay the city $1000 per year for 20 years, for a total amount of $20,000. The money will be deposited into the Lansing Parks Department Land Acquisition and Development Fund. Community members at the meeting feel that this represents a poor business deal on the part of the city. “The city figures that that’s good business,” Darnell Oldham Sr., of 3815 Berwick Drive, said.