Bruno’s turns One Hundred

By Andrew Hayes
Clinton County Chatter

In 1915, Bruno Mazzolini opened Bruno’s Wonder Bar in downtown St. Johns. One hundred years later, the family-owned business still provides a hangout spot for St. Johns residents. What has made the business so successful?

Legendary Bar has 100 years of History

By Emily Cervone
Living In the Ledge

“I swear, you could make a made-for-TV movie with the stuff that comes out of this place.”

Butch Bates, the day shift bartender at legendary Preston’s Bar in Grand Ledge, excused himself as he greeted his co-worker with a and bear hug. The bar just celebrated its centennial in 2014. “The best thing about this town, and bar, is that no one has a real name,” said Bates. “I guess Grand Ledge is a cliquey town. I feel like people might be intimidated when they come in here.