Indoor tanning rates declines nationally, remain low for Okemos students

By Samantha VanHoef
The Meridian Times

According to a national survey, the rates of teens who use indoor tanning have declined in the past five years. The study by the Journal of the American Medical Association compiled data from the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey— a survey that uses samples of teens from private and public high schools from around the country— found that rates for teenage girls dropped by 5 percent between 2009 and 2013, and the rates for boys dropped 2 percent in the same time frame. But for Okemos teens, if there was a decrease in indoor tanning, it was less apparent. “I haven’t noticed a drop in tanning bed use locally, but that’s probably because most people— at least at my school— try to keep their tanning subtle,” Okemos High School senior Darby Hopper said. “They know they’ll be mocked if they look orange.