Voter turnout in township ‘mirrors trends that we see around the country’

By Rachel Beard
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

The March 8, 2016 presidential primary resulted in a record-breaking voter turnout in Michigan, and, while perhaps not record-breaking, Lansing Township also experienced a higher turnout than usual. “Well, [voter turnout] was double what it was four years ago,” Lansing Township Clerk Susan Aten said. “It was higher than it normally is, for that particular election.”

The average turnout here was 35 percent. “Our precincts ranged from 25 to 43 percent,” Lansing Township Supervisor Diontrae Hayes said. “Information comes from the clerk’s office and [is] also posted on Ingham County’s website.”

Christopher Larimer, Professor of American Politics at the University of Northern Iowa, attributes this increase in turnout to the large number of Republican candidates running for office.