How will Michigan State’s student organizations look in the fall?

Rebecca Mizell admits this year is going to be something new for Michigan State University’s Registered Student Organizations (RSOs). “It’s not going to look like years past.”

Rebecca Mizell, business manager of Michigan State’s RSOs, said this in reference Sparticipation in Fall 2020. Michigan State had over 900 RSOs in 2019 and, just as the rest of the world, there will be adjustment needed for the fall for close to all of them. Sparticipation is an event in which RSOs set up a booth or tent so students have a chance to become a member. Mizell said the event “brings out, historically, about 15,000 students.”

Coverage of Sparticipation 2019, courtesy of The State News

But, because of social distancing guidelines and the risk COVID-19 poses, Mizell said the event will run differently this year.

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