DeWitt continues to see an increase in drugged driving cases

By Zachary Manning
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — The city of DeWitt has seen a rise in the number of drugged driving cases over the past few years. Drugged driving is driving while under the influence of drugs. From 2012-2015, the city of DeWitt has seen rises in drugged driving cases. In 2012, the city had six cases. In 2013, the city had seven cases.

Views split on merging substance abuse, mental health services

Capital News Service
LANSING – Some health specialists question a legislative proposal to merge public substance abuse and mental health services. They say the measure could reduce access to local services, especially in the rural areas of Northern Michigan, and can hurt urban communities, such as Oakland County. Rep. Earl Poleski, R-Jackson, the primary sponsor of the bills, said mergers would save administrative costs and improve services to individuals who have substance abuse and mental health problems.
β€œIt is an important step to improve access to mental health care for folks with addiction, if they need them. Also, it will potentially improve health care services under a single entity and potentially save money that could be used for further treatment.”
Currently substance abuse agencies treat patients with drug and alcohol addiction. Community mental heath agencies treat of mental illnesses.