Delhi Charter Township is getting into recycling

By Aundreana Jones-Poole
Holt Journal staff reporter

The Delhi Charter Township’s recycling center and other recycling programs are increasing environmental awareness in Holt.

According to the Public Services Department section of the township website, Delhi has instituted some recycling programs to reduce health hazards and help the environment and are improving them constantly. Sewer backups and overflows can damage home interiors, cause health hazards, and threaten the environment, according to the website. In an effort to combat this, Delhi has instituted a grease-recycling program. ‘This program started many years ago in response to the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Regulation,” said Sandra Diorka, Director of Public Services. “Now grease is fed to the digester system for energy production.”

According to the website, household greases and oils are recycled into products like bio-diesel, pet food and cosmetics.