Introducing the new and improved SAT

By Hannah Watts – Grand Ledge Gazette Reporter

Introducing: the new and improved SAT

 Pictured: Grand Ledge High School  Photo Credit: Hannah Watts
The ACT  makes up the majority of the market for standardized testing in the United States. Starting in 2016, high school students around the country will face a newly refurbished version of the SAT. College Board officials announced that the new SAT would be a “more accurate” assessment of college readiness for high school students. “They also say it will be more evidence-based and less subjective, putting emphasis on the types of knowledge that students will actually need in college and in the workplace,” explained Linda Wacyk, director of communications at Michigan Association of School Administrators and trustee on the Grand Ledge High School Board of Education. A market scramble  

Whether students take the ACT or the SAT is contingent on the requirements of the college or university they wish to attend.