Fenton Farmers Market helps local businesses

The Fenton Farmers Market, which located in downtown Fenton in front of the Community Center, brings in many customers for new business owners, especially for those who have only been at the market for only four weeks. 

Ben Goodrich, the owner of New Leaf Farms, attends the market as his first year at being a local vendor for the market. 

Goodrich started farming in his mother’s backyard while growing his microgreens within his house as well. 

“Our business specializes in salad greens and we also have other vegetables,” said Goodrich. “Such as radishes, beets and carrots.” 

Goodrich owns New Leaf Farms, a local produce farm that specializes in microgreens and vegetables. Being a vendor at the market has helped his business in many ways from new customers to feedback. 

Goodrich said: “Because of the Farmers market, I’m able to get a lot of feedback from new customers, from people asking questions gives me a chance to educate people on the microgreens that I’m selling. That gives us information to be able to grow with the market and meet the demand of the market.” 

The feedback that Goodrich has received is “little things” like the Facebook page or business cards that are making improvements for Goodrich who wants to expand and give more interest to his customers. 

Goodrich started his business because he “fell in love with it” and then decided “Why not try it as a business? Why not go out there and make something happen?” 

Pat Allen, Fenton Farmers market manager, said that having the Fenton Farmers Market impacts local or small businesses in the area. 

“There is a lot of (foot) traffic,” said Allen.