Social media keeps people informed in Grand Ledge

By Tanisha Edwards
Living in the Ledge

How do you stay updated on the latest things happening near you? For some Grand Ledgers, whether it is business or pleasure, they have adapted to the social media era and a city Facebook page was created. Mayor Kalmin Smith created the page two years ago hoping that the page would “benefit the community by improving communication about the many positive and beneficial activities that affect the quality of life in our town,” said Smith. Its purpose was to provide an additional tool for communication within the community. “Fewer and fewer people read newspapers and television and radio are really not reliable for coverage of the Grand Ledge community,” said Smith.

Bath to provide library center for community members

Bath is set to welcome a new addition that could potentially open doors for many of the citizens – their own library center. Bath Library Center, a satellite site of Dewitt District Library, will be a small library located within Bath Corners shopping mall. It will offer a wide selection of books for children while working to serve older age groups. Brought together largely by volunteering efforts and donations, the soon to open Bath Library was granted a budget to open. Bath Township Board gave a total of $75,000 to open and supply the center with books and equipment.

On-the-job social media use vexes some employers

Capital News Service
LANSING – Michigan’s employers are struggling to keep employees on-task, despite the lures of social media. The International Data Corp. estimates that nationally, 30 to 40 percent of employees’ Internet activity is not business-related, which results in millions of dollars in lost productivity every year. Some employers have resorted to Internet monitoring and filtering software to track what websites employees are accessing, in an effort to increase both network security and employee productivity. Maggie McPhee, Human Resources Group of West Michigan director in Grand Rapids, said, “It distracts employees because it’s just one more thing they have to deal with.