Lansing Eastern PTSA discusses snow days, Welcome Center and district plans during first meeting since start of semester

The Lansing Eastern Parent, Teacher and Student Association met Monday night to discuss the high school’s state of affairs after their January meeting was cancelled. The January meeting was called off due to the school’s multiple snow days, an issue of utmost concern amongst the group when they reunited at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 24. “It is my understanding that we are not in school longer, that we did not go over our limit,” said Principal Donna Pohl.  “Let’s cross our fingers that we do not have any more snow days, because I think we’re getting really close to the number of hours and minutes and days that we need to have to qualify to have the last day of school on time.”

PTSA President Curtis Smith cited the snow days as a “bad time in Lansing.”  Thus, he said he was pleased to see that, over those few days, there was much volunteer help in the creation of Lansing Eastern’s new Welcome Center. The Welcome Center

“I’m really excited.  I’ve heard some great comments about the Welcome Center so far,” Pohl said.  “We’re not there yet, by any means, but we’re getting there.”

Pohl said they hope the Welcome Center will provide a “caring committee” and a parent resource center equipped with computers, reading materials and more.  Lansing Eastern also hired a Student Support Specialist, Ms. Ortega, to occupy the center.

Holt Public Schools lose school days in battle against winter weather

Miranda Chavez
Holt Journal Staff Writer

This year, Holt Public Schools have exceed the allotted number of six snow days for the 2013-2014 school year, which has begun causing a unique set of problems for parents, students and administrators. With the inclement weather plaguing Michigan this winter, children have not only been unable to enjoy their time off, but will be responsible for making them up. Recently, the Michigan Department of Education has taken the stance that schools should make up snow days by adding additional full days instead of by adding extra time on to current school days. Melissa Usiak, principal at Sycamore Elementary, said the school district would make the ultimate decision on how to make up the lost time. Usiak said she favors adding extra full days.

Mason High School Solo and Ensemble Concert goes on despite the weather

By Amanda Cowherd
Mason Times staff writer

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, Mason High School faculty cancelled all after-school activities. The band teacher, Beth Bousfield, had planned to have chamber music concerts at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to prepare her students for the Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, Feb. 8. Bousfield emailed parents, offering students the opportunity to practice if they drove through the snow.