When picking a high school, what your child’s friends think carries weight

By Trevor Darnell
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter

With three high schools, six middle schools, and 29 elementary schools; students of all ages have choices on where to get an education and help them prepare for the rest of their lives. When going into high school, which of these schools should a new parent in the Lansing area send their child? It depends what you’re looking for, parents say. “I let my daughter pick which high school she wanted to attend, I didn’t want to force her to go to a school in which she didn’t want to be in. I knew that all of the schools in the area are highly-educated and safe, which made me feel comfortable letting her choose,” said Bryan Pickens, a long-time Lansing resident.

Community Funding for Community Work: How $500 Helps a Lansing Charity

By Ian Wendrow
Listen Up, Lansing

LANSING — Andrew Brewer Jr. didn’t expect his modest barbecue outing with neighbors to be anything more than a fun get together. Starting out with only 20 men hanging out at Hawk Island County Park, Brewer now captains the Men Making A Difference (MMAD) charity, an organization that has existed for about four years now with about 200 active members. “It started with just a group of us out barbecuing one day when I said, ‘We should do more to give back.’ Everyone else seemed to agree and that’s really how this organization got started,” Brewer said. MMAD has been busy in its short four years as a legally-recognized charity. Working alongside the local church groups and neighborhood blocs, MMAD has helped paint woodchips, clean up overgrown shrubbery, and plant flowers in some of Lansing’s more run-down areas.