Sam Corey Senior Center continues to promote health and wellness to the elderly

By Roya Burton
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Recreational activities can often be limited for senior citizens. The Sam Corey Senior Center located off of Cedar Street in Delhi Township serves as a place where elders 55 and older can participate in weekly activities that are beneficial to their health, as well as social well-being. The building which was reopened in June 2009, was named after Sam Corey who was instrumental in organizing as well as fundraising for the new structure. In the last seven years the center has became pivotal in community outreach as well as serving tri-county senior residents. Jane Wallin, a representative for the center, knows first-hand about the community involvement as well what goes into the day-to-day operations.

Grand Ledge Baby Boomers will be rocking the vote in the 2016 election

Ani Stambo
Living In The Ledge

Baby Boomers take up most of America’s population, so it makes sense that older adults are more likely to vote compared to younger adults. When you’ve been voting your whole life your need to vote doesn’t stop just because you’ve decided to move into a senior citizen home. The preferred ways for casting a vote for seniors residing in long-term care facilities are by absentee ballot, or the activities coordinator organizes transportation to the polls. “Seventy-five percent of them do the absentee, and 35 percent are veterans,” says Lee Clark, a receptionist at Independence Village of Grand Ledge. Why is it that seniors are more likely to vote?

Those state tax changes – Are they fair to young, old?

Capital News Service
LANSING – Debates about taxes on pensions and the middle class continue to rage in the Capitol with different groups disputing their fairness. In the run-up to November’s House election, Democrats are attacking changes by the Republican-led Legislature that they say punish middle-class families, including a pension tax, reduced homestead property tax credit, reduced Earned Income Tax Credit and elimination of the $600 per child deduction. But Gov. Rick Snyder said, “It is important to leave retirement pensions as they are for our citizens age 67 and older. We are able to move forward with a revised plan that still adheres to the principles I laid out with my budget and tax initiatives, will create jobs and protect the safety net for Michigan families.”
And Ari Adler, press secretary to House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall, said the Republicans are trying to reset the system to achieve fairness. “That’s why there are no pension exemptions until age 67,” Adler said.