Two-hour citizen comment leads to long Northville Board of Education meeting

An eventful Northville Board of Education Zoom meeting on Aug. 4 at 6:30 p.m. and ended at 12:44 am contained a two-hour citizen comment, which was kicked off by Michelle Heldke, a Northville resident, who wants in-person school for her daughter. “The alternatives you have laid out tonight don’t work,” Heldke said. “You have not given us a good choice and your hybrid is not going to work.”

Heldke’s comments relate to the Northville Board of Education’s decision between a set of options set by the Superintendent Mary Kay Gallagher and a task force compromised of district administrators, educators, parents, students, and healthcare officials. COVID-19 forced school districts around the state to mull potential options for how students will be taught this upcoming semester.

Lansing School Board Questions Music Programs at Local Schools

By Kaelin Roberts
Old Town Staff Writer

The Lansing Board of Education held a regular meeting to discuss the music programs offered at local schools among other issues. Deputy Superintendent Jim Davis reported on the district-wide music program at the local elementary, middle and high schools and said that the quality is not what he would like to see in certain schools. Jack Davis, treasurer of the board, said the board had previously voted to cut the budget. However, he did not realize the impact that would have on some music programs. “I’d like them to reinstate the programs,” Davis said. “We need to revisit band and strings of the elementary program,” said Myra Ford, the secretary for the board. Nicole Armbruster, a member of the board, asked about the program.