Woman in DeWitt Township arrested for alleged drugged driving

By Cydni Robinson
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

DEWITT — Driving under the influence doesn’t simply mean drunk driving. Prescription drugs can also impair a driver, something a 27-year-old woman allegedly learned the hard way earlier this month. The woman was arrested by DeWitt Township police for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs after an alleged hit-and-run with a mailbox on March 5, police officials said. Driving under the influence doesn’t only deal with illegal drugs and alcohol, it includes any mood or mind-altering substance, says Diana Julian, substance abuse/program manager and counselor at McAlister Institute. Julian says being aware that driving under the influence involves prescription drug abuse is very important.

Focal Point Spring 2013 [Show 1]

The recent confession from Lance Armstrong may have some cyclists concerned for the future of the sport. The MSU Professors in the Advertising, Retailing, and Public Relations departments gathered for the 16th year to watch and rate the commercials during the Super Bowl. And, the MSU Jazz Department recently received a grant from the Michigan State Federal Credit Union for $1 Million. Focal Point is an Emmy awarding winning, student produced newscast from the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.

Students’ posters pump up the vote

By Geoff Preston

The walls of the Communication, Arts, and Sciences building are always adorned with artwork done by students of advertising professor Henry Brimmer. Recently, however, the artwork has a more political appeal. On Friday, Brimmer, some faculty and 40 of his students displayed a series of refreshingly simple political ads. These posters did not support Obama or Romney, but instead the power of democracy. “The idea is to make people aware about voting,” Brimmer said.