Dog park conversation heating up in DeWitt

By Zachary Manning
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — DeWitt is in the process of looking into adding a dog park to the city and the township. The project is mostly citizen-run, but local officials are reviewing comments from the public and working on leasing agreements. “It is a community-driven project, so there is a group of citizens that have been working with the township and the city,” said Rodney Taylor, DeWitt Charter Township manager. The dog park would be located at the front end of the Southern Clinton County Municipal Utilities Authority (SCCMUA) building on Herbison Road. The land for the park is not being utilized right now.

Residents are pursuing a dog park in DeWitt

By Kamen Kessler
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff reporter

DEWITT — A group of DeWitt residents are pursuing approval from the city to open up a fenced-in dog park. While DeWitt has a few different parks, none of them allow dog owners to let their pet off the leash to roam free. The Dog Park for DeWitt, Mi group is trying to change that by meeting with the city and township. “It is refreshing to have a group of citizens driving the idea rather than the government. A good public-private partnership would only improve the quality of life here,” DeWitt Charter Township Manager Rod Taylor said.