Viral romances provide an enviable highlight reel

#RelationshipGoals can serve as a positive standard to set relationships to — but also pose as a risk for unhealthy comparisons 

Couples with vast followings on social media can project a flawless image of what a relationship looks like. Physical attractiveness. Health and fitness. Luxury. But social media users’ potential overexposure to these seemingly-effortless relationships on millions of’ timelines could be raising the standards for relationships.

Valentine's event at zoo offers information on animal courtship

By Marina Csomor
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

LANSING — When Lansing resident James Bossé planned a Valentine’s date, he didn’t take the typical approach. Bossé took his girlfriend to the zoo to learn a thing or two about animal courtship. “My girl’s in town, so I wanted to go out,” Bossé said. “It’s around Valentine’s Day, it’s a good idea. It’s unique.