Continuing a plan for spring planting

By Christine LaRouere
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

OLD TOWN LANSING — At the Old Town Organization Committee monthly meeting on March 24, there was talk about logistic plans for a Robert Busby Memorial Garden spring planting and a possible press conference at the event. Jamie Schriner-Hooper, chairperson of the organizational committee, said the goal of the spring planting is to bring people out and let them know that to keep the area looking healthy, the committee needs money. “We still need money,” Schriner-Hooper said. “We want to keep the intersection of the River Trail a beautiful spot.”

When it comes to getting the message across, Schriner-Hooper also said there is still a lot of planning to do before the event. Improving the garden area

Two topics of discussion at the meeting were to have benches around the garden and create signs for the outside.

The future of Robert Busby Memorial Garden

By Shanin Thomas
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer 

OLD TOWN LANSING – Spring planting for the Robert Busby Memorial Garden is set for May 10 and includes a hefty schedule. On Feb. 24 the Old Town Organization Committee discussed the budget and landscape plans of the memorial garden. Planting Dates

The memorial garden is located on Lansing’s River Trail in remembrance of Robert Busby, Old Town’s “mayor” and creator. Ena Bubsy, daughter of Robert Busby, said fall planting of the memorial garden on Sept.

Robert Busby, the face of a community

OLD TOWN LANSING — Old Town residents, family and friends celebrated the life of beloved former Mayor Robert Busby and his vision for their community at The Winter Party of the Season. On Sunday, Jan. 26, the Creole Gallery was home to live music as guests came to show appreciation for Robert Busby, and show support for the Robert Busby Memorial Park created in his honor. Remembering a loss

Busby was murdered in Feb. 2007, and since then, members of the community have worked to keep his legacy alive.