Red Cedar school still an open issue

By Alex Barhorst
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

Kathleen Edsall expressed concerns that the current board members will close Red Cedar Elementary School before she takes office. Edsall and Nate Lake won four-year positions on the board in the November elections. They will join the board on Jan. 1. Both of the election’s victors are in favor of keeping Red Cedar open.

Realignment may be in the future for East Lansing public schools

By Jonathan Jarbou
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

On Monday the East Lansing School Board held a special meeting to discuss a possible reconfiguration of the schools current K-8 model. The restructuring, that has already been delayed, is aimed towards the K-8 facilities, and according to a letter issued by Superintendent David Chapin, the optimal configuration of grade levels and the most efficient size of the K-8 schools are vocal points. “I think the board is fully aware that there would be consequences if we didn’t move forward,” School Board Treasurer Babs Krause said at the meeting. “I don’t think there’s anybody on the board that doesn’t understand we need to move forward.”

The letter went on to say the decisions of the board will be based on five fundamental goals which were established last year: strengthen the learning environment for students, reduce long-term general fund expenditures, promote operational efficiency and energy conservation, optimize the use of facilities, and maintain the safety of students. Although the board and Superintendent have the final say in any decision, the TowerPinkster architectural firm was recently hired by the board to provide assistance in the matter.     The firm was unanimously selected through a public process.