No ride created equal: views on Lansing mass transit

By Haywood Liggett
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Local citizens relying solely on public transportation are giving mixed reviews on public transportation in the city. Numerous people have taken the bus at least once. However, a vast amount of the populous have access to a vehicle of their own, or that of a family member, close friend, significant other etc. But there are a large number of Lansing citizens that rely exclusively on public transportation. CATA, Lansing’s only bus system, is one of typical ways those without vehicles get around.

Uber ride-sharing service may be under threat in Michigan

By Jazzy Teen
Listen Up, Lansing 

LANSING – Uber, a worldwide ride-sharing company priding itself in efficient service and safety through a downloadable app, may be in trouble in the state of Michigan. On March 25, Uber drivers and protestors gathered at the Capitol while state legislature held a public testimony to determine the fate of Uber in the state and discuss restrictions they hope to impose on the company, except the vote is now being pushed off till a later time. The two bills, according to Mike White, Michigan’s Uber general manager, are Senate Bill 0184 and Senate Bill 0188. Michigan Legislature’s website includes full documentation detailing the two bills. The basis of Senate Bill 0184 would put transportation companies like Uber and Lyft, a ride sharing company out of Ann Arbor, at the same insurance standards as limousines while allowing cities to regulate the companies at their own discretion.