Clean water is all about effective stewardship in Meridian Township

By Julie Campbell
Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Michigan is no stranger when it comes to water crises. The poisonous water throughout Flint has been one of the top stories across the country as of late. There are have been many fundraisers and donations across the country, especially in Michigan, in order to help Flint with their tragedy. However, Meridian Township realizes that they must not only help Flint, but also take action to prevent something like this happening to them in the near future. It can happen to any community.

Pack Up, Pitch In, Help Out

MSU’s Division of Residential and Hospitality Services are encouraging students to reduce, reuse and recycle through their Pack Up, Pitch In, Help Out campaign. The campaign is a way for MSU to live up to it’s green motto by promoting environmental sustainability during residence hall move-out. Students can recycle plastics, paper, cardboard, wood, carpet, clothing and nonperishable foods, along with other items. ┬áThese materials can be dropped off at designated drop-off locations, such as inside residence halls and at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center until May 14th.