Getting a job after 55 may require ‘Shifting Gears’

Capital News Service
LANSING – If you’re 55 or older and hunting for a job, good luck. Michigan is one of the worst states for your employment prospects. Governing Magazine recently reported data showing nationwide employment-to-population ratios, a common economic measure of what proportion of a state’s eligible working-age population is employed. Michigan is the third worst in the nation for older workers, just behind Arkansas and West Virginia, at 32.3 percent of residents 55 and older employed. The report suggested a link between stronger agricultural economies and better employment ratios for older workers.

‘Son of Delhi’ announces retirement from board

By Josh Sidorowicz
Holt Journal staff writer

After serving the Holt-Delhi Township community as treasurer for 12 years, Harry Ammon has decided it’s the right time to step down. Ammon, who has called Holt, Mich., home his entire life, has served on the Delhi Township board since 1999 and recently announced his retirement at the Sept. 20 township board meeting. “What you see is what’s there; He wasn’t there for the politics, he was there for the people.”

After cutting his own position to part-time and his own salary last year for budgetary reasons, Ammon said he knew he would be getting ready to retire soon. “I’ve got a lot of things on my slate that I want to get done and now I’ll be able to do that now that I’m still healthy enough to do it,” Ammon said.