New student residential complex plan presented to the Lansing City Council



The Lansing City Council held a public hearing Monday during their regularly scheduled meeting regarding the requested rezoning of property on Dunckel Road with the intent of turning the vacant hotel there into an upscale student residential complex. “It’s obviously a huge positive for the economy as it would bring in many jobs that were not already there,” said Lansing City Council President Carol Wood, Monday, following the one hour meeting. Road to occupancy

The proposed process will take the property at 3600 Dunckel Road that currently is the home of the vacant Harley Hotel, and downzone it from an “F” commercial district and “J” parking district to a “DM-2” residential district. “We’re required through zoning that when something has less of a use than what it could be used for, we have to downzone it,” said Wood. “Right now it could be used for a gas station, hospital, all of those things.