Red Cedar residents push to reopen neighborhood school

By Tori Zackery
Entirely East Lansing

Members of the Red Cedar neighborhood voiced concerns over the closing of the Red Cedar Elementary School at the joint East Lansing City Council and Board Meeting on Monday, March 21. In February, the school board unanimously voted against reopening the school, despite previously approving the motion in December. The decision caused widespread disappointment among those who felt the elementary building was an integral part of the Red Cedar neighborhood. “We were very excited at the plans that came forward earlier in the year,” said former city council member Kathleen Boyle. “We were very disappointed that those plans were met with so much objection and rancor and we’re disappointed that we can’t go forward with those at this time.”

At the time the elementary school was being considered for reopening, the school board announced plans of beginning “innovative educational programming” at the building.

Red Cedar school closing still up for debate

By Irum Ibrahim
Entirely East Lansing

Red Cedar Elementary, closed in June, is still an issue at East Lansing School Board meetings. The school and its more than 300 students were up for discussions on Sept. 22 and 23. The school was known for several reasons, such as having children from 45 countries and accommodating low-income or disabled students. However, several parents of former Red Cedar students found flaws in the school’s system.