Delhi Township works: unemployment is way down here

By Carrie Lynch
Holt Journal staff reporter

In 2009, Delhi Township was hit hard by the Great Recession with an all-time high unemployment rate of 8.2 percent. The previous year, the unemployment rate was 3.4 percent, making it almost a 5 percentage point increase in just onhe year. As of 2015, the rates have decreased to a 3 percent, the lowest the township has seen in a while. “Michigan has been, as we are, trying to do anything we can to promote businesses,” said Delhi Township Supervisor C.J. Davis. The unemployment rates of Delhi were pretty close to the average rates of the entire nation.

Rural hospitals face new uncertainties after health care reforms start

Capital News Service
LANSING — With health care reform falling into place, rural Michigan hospitals can now breath a sigh of relief, and then start a new waiting game. The slow recovery from the recession and the struggle for healthcare reform hit rural hospitals in Michigan, and across the country, hard, said Ethan Lipkind, CEO and president of Michigan Rural Healthcare Preservation and the Michigan Clinic. The first week of April marked the close of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act and the effective date of Medicaid expansion in Michigan. And with the economy starting to rise out of recession, Michigan rural hospitals are waiting to see just what the changes will mean. “Overall, I would say it’s a declining industry,” Lipkind said.