Holt has more high school grads than the national average

By Stevie Pipis
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Kerry Pahl said her daughter attended Holt schools for a year before moving back to the Lansing School District. “She liked the teachers, and had to work harder because of the higher academic standards. Holt schools have a pretty good reputation,” she said. The numbers bear that out. The U.S. Census website says that 94.5 percent of the population of Holt ages 25 and over are a graduate of high school.

Local public school enrollment is steadily shifting to charter schools

By Sheryl Levitt
Listen Up, Lansing Staff Reporter

According to the Lansing School District’s enrollment report, 1,917 students from Lansing are attending local charter schools. It’s a number that seems to keep growing, at the expense of Lansing’s public school enrollment. Enrollment in the Lansing School District is continually declining. Over the last five years, enrollment numbers have decreased from 13,399 to 11,695 students. This means the district has experienced a total loss of 1,704 students.