Proposal One in Clinton County

Jacob Herbert
Clinton County Chatter

When Michigan voters head to the voting booths today, Proposal One will be a one of the top issues being voted on. For years, Michigan drivers have had to deal with pothole after infuriating pothole out on the roads. Many are wondering when this issue will finally be solved. Proposal One would raise the Michigan State tax from 6 to 7 percent, in part to pay for road work. That one percent raise will go towards repairing Clinton County as well as all Michigan roads.

How Proposal One could affect Clinton County Drivers

By Jacob Herbert
Clinton County Chatter

It wouldn’t be Michigan if not for the potholes. Recently, potholes have been popping up all around Clinton County and are causing drivers a lot of grief. The Clinton County Road Commission has been working hard to find a quick fix to the problem and it’s called cold patching. According to, cold patching is an environmentally friendly product specially formulated with a high percentage of graded recycled asphalt pavement and special binding agent used to fill holes over 25.4 millimeters wide. A quick fix isn’t good enough for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who has worked hard at passing Proposal One.