Parents, beware: prescription drug abuse comes to DeWitt

By Shane Jones
The Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — In the quiet town of DeWitt, there is not too much to talk about. Upon your first glance the small city of DeWitt looks just like every small city. A very calming place, with trees, parks, and houses that sit way back on driveways as long as a football field. But, just like everywhere else in the world, there is crime. Flash back to last month when three Michigan residents were arrested for prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug abuse: The new face of addiction

By Daniel Hamburg
Mason Times staff writer

“It can happen to anyone. I’ve seen it a lot,” Aaron Emerson said. Unsuspecting teens are becoming addicted to prescription pills, and moving on to more dangerous drugs. It’s in our medicine cabinets and prescribed by doctors. Prescription drugs, such as opioids, are available for helping people overcome pain and other medical issues, yet sometimes lead people down an addictive road.