More addicted babies born, go through withdrawal

Capital News Service

LANSING— Babies who are born addicted to drugs are a growing problem in Michigan. The disorder is called neonatal abstinence syndrome and it affects newborns whose mothers were addicted to opiate drugs while they were pregnant. The baby becomes addicted, along with the mother, to substances such as heroin, oxycodone or methadone. The babies have symptoms of withdrawal that include excessive crying, seizures, trembling, poor feeding, diarrhea and sleep problems, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. And it’s not just a problem in urban areas.

Local officials fear final end of personal property tax

Capital News Service
LANSING – Local governments across northern Michigan would face more budget cuts because of a personal property tax proposal passed by the Senate and awaiting House action. The proposal would exempt businesses from taxes on personal property like machines, desks and supplies. Local governments rely on the personal property tax to finance public services. Josh Reid, who chairs the Gladwin County Board of Commissioners, said he is not confident that the state will make up the loss if the proposal becomes law. “We have zero confirmation there will be replacement revenue,” he said.

Legislation requires fetal remains to be cremated

Capital News Service
LANSING—Legislation that recently passed the Senate and is now in a House committee aims to prevent aborted fetuses from winding up in dumpsters. Women’s health advocates say the bill is unneeded because medical facilities already must incinerate all human tissue. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, would penalize abortion clinics and doctors who do not cremate fetal remains. Jones began working on the bill after 17 fetuses were discovered by an anti-abortion activist in a dumpster behind a Lansing area abortion clinic in April of last year. News reports claimed that the attorney general’s investigation ended in October of that year and found that no health code had been violated by the clinic.