Basic technology does not slow down Old Town

By Christine LaRouere
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer 

OLD TOWN LANSING — For Roger Nowland, updates in technology has never been much of a priority for Old Town. As part of the artisan cooperative for Great Lakes Artworks, he said even though cash registers are for the most part basic, he feels the people come back to Old Town for the not as high tech of service. “Old town is the original business area of Lansing and because of that, it has revolved into the gallery of different artists, the small theaters and just the older style of commerce,” Nowland said. “I think that is part of the charm of Old Town.”

In regards to the reasons people keep coming back to that old style of service, Nowland said people like that personal touch rather than just one of many in store such as Meijer. “It’s not high end technology that you would find in Meijer where they are dealing with 500 customers a day,” Nowlamd said and expands in the audio clip below.