Traverse City has some special things to offer entrepreneurs

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Traverse City in northwestern Michigan is home to many entrepreneurs. The town has a supportive food scene, excellent tourism, a strong Chamber of Commerce, and many citizens with amazing stories to tell. If you walk through Downtown Traverse City, you may come across Ben Phillips, owner and founder of Ben’s Boards, a company that rents paddle boards on Grand Traverse Bay. Scroll through social media and it’s likely you’ll see Sean Murray, founder of Green Light Podcast.

Sidewalk Survey: Who do you support for president?

By Matt Hall
MI First Election

Who are you voting for president? JRN800 student Matthew Hall hit the streets of East Lansing, recorder in hand, to take the political pulse of spartan passers by. Assorted MSU students and one dean of the MSU College of Engineering had their opinions heard. Two of which were undecided, waiting for the political debates to shed more light on the candidates. The second student gave quite the unexpected answer.

Opinions Mixed on Voter ID Law

By Yanjie Wang
MI First Election

As election is getting heated, we gathered opinions on a voter ID law. which would require a photo ID to prove you are a U.S. citizen. We hear from MSU faculty member Fredrick Fico, and other students on this issue. While the majority we interviewed agree that we should have such a law to make sure only Americans vote, one student thinks it could also hurt people who do not have a photo ID. Voter ID law

You can also hear it from Yanjie’s blog.

MSU students share thoughts on voter registration

By Anjana Schroeder
MI First Election

College campuses arguably have the largest amount of first time voters. After speaking to several Michigan State students, including Roneesha Jackson, Nate Kesto and Tommy McCoy, the temperature of the presidential elections became a bit more clear. Some students were unsure about whether or not they were going to even register to vote. Nate Kesto said he wanted to learn more about the candidates before he even made the decision to register to vote. Breonnya Wright said she didn’t want to vote and wasn’t interested in the presidential election, while Jacob Riesser said he would prefer not to share who he was voting for but was confident he would register and vote in his home town.