Growing becoming a year-round activity across Michigan

By Julie Campbell
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Every business has an off-season. At most places, it just depends on the weather. However, certain weather conditions tend to be more harsh on some businesses than others. For the plant market, winter isn’t easy. For the plant markets in states like Michigan, winter really isn’t easy.

From tank to pond bully — it's parrot feather!

Capital News Service
LANSING – State officials fear a return of the aquatic invasive plant, parrot feather. The plant called parrot feather has had two appearances in Michigan, in Oakland County and in Brownstown Township in Wayne County. It flourishes in lakes, ponds, and other shallow waters, said Matt Ankney, the early detection rapid response coordinator for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wildlife division, but it does have the potential of spreading to Lake Erie if it is not contained. The plant has a distinctive bright green color and can grow up to five feet long. Unlike native plants it can grow above water, Ankney said.