Uncovering Information During the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Since the Israel-Palestine conflict resurged again on Oct. 7, students, professors and residents in Michigan have been pressured to choose one of two sides. The Palestine supporters in Greater Lansing include those originally from Palestine, who have family currently or formally there or for other reasons. 

Since the attacks, MSU’s Students United for Palestinian Rights (SUPR) have held multiple protests, rallies and discussions to gain support for people who are pro-Palestine, or those who want to have a better understanding of the conflict. Initially, they held a “Justice for Palestine” protest at the Michigan Capitol, where over 400 people gathered to support Palestine in its ongoing conflict with Israel. SUPR’s message was to “stop the genocide” and to “tell Biden and all elected officials to a ceasefire.”

Many attendees were wearing or waving the Palestine flag, throwing a fist in the air or holding signs.