Lansing School Board Begins Restructuring Process

By Katie Harrington
Old Town Times Staff Writer

The Lansing School Board began a restructuring process last Monday that includes forming committees and getting the community involved in their decision-making process. “We’re in the opening stages right now,” said Board Member Guillermo Lopez.  “We have to right-size the district in order to fit the declining student population.”

Currently, possible school closings are not an issue since the committee is in the planning stages. “Right now we are assessing data and have not come to any discussion regarding building closures,” said Board Member Nicole Armbruster. Jim Davis, the Lansing School District deputy superintendent, agreed.  “The citizens committee has been organized to have a discussion as to what the possibilities are for building reconfiguration, but there won’t be any serious discussions about recommendations for the district until January,” he said. Although there are no definite plans to close any schools, some fear that Otto Middle School might be cloosed since an announcement last spring suggested a possible closure.