Citizens debate factors behind student success

By Stephanie Hernandez McGavin
The Meridian Times

The Okemos School Board heard some concerns Feb. 9 that district administrators are relying too heavily on state expectations and standardized tests. The district’s School Improvement Plan offered three goals aimed at student proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics. While some school board and community members say these goals are fundamental building blocks, others, like school board Secretary Vincent Lyon-Callo, said that a modernized process of education needs to be established. Lyon-Callo worried that holding students to a definitive meaning of success by state standards would stifle some students’ potential.

Okemos School District approves funding for new amenities

By Sara Konkel
Meridian Times staff writer

The Okemos School District is on its way to having wireless routers in every useable room in the high school and two new school buses. The Okemos Board of Education committee approved the amenities at its meeting March 24. The committee approved the bid of $115,316.10 submitted by the Center for Business Innovation for 170 internet access devices. Director of Media & Technology Errin Chapman said the addition is simple yet necessary. “The project is simply to add more wireless coverage in the buildings to prepare for the one-to-one personal learning devices that are coming our way next year for the students and staff,” he said.