Non-Profit Art Gallery Draws Funds Primarily From Grants

By Danielle Duggan
Clinton County Chatter

A business whose employees are solely volunteers and whose products come with a low price tag sounds like a recipe for closing down. Clinton County Arts Council, a St. Johns non-profit art gallery that survives primarily on grants, is proof that this business method works. Marta Giesecke, a worker at the art gallery, located at 320 N. Clinton Ave., said that this gallery hires only volunteers. These volunteers are well-educated on the artists of the pieces displayed in the store and can share stories about these artists.

Haslett High School awarded $1,800 for broadcast equipment

By Cayden Royce
The Meridian Times

The Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association awarded $1,800 to Haslett High School for the broadcast program. DSBA is a nonprofit organization, which promotes sporting activities and educational broadcasting programs around metro Detroit. The nonprofit generates funding from its annual summer golf outing to provide applicants with grants. Nearly 20 years ago, the organization shifted its focus to education and began promoting broadcast curriculums in Southeast Michigan up to East Lansing, said Marketing Director Bill Harrington. Harrington is on the DSBA executive board and said he looks at the grant applications to decide how the funds will be distributed.

MSU helps to raise second highest amount of money for Lansing non-profit


Michigan State University organization raise just over $2,600 for Lansing Non-profit to help the education of local Lansing students

Crown Boxing Club in the Lansing is also home to the H.A.W.K (Help A Willing Kid) foundation that “helps kids of all ages with school, a place to sleep at night, food to eat and anything else they may need,” said 20-year-old Michigan State University student Betsy Weir of Phi Sigma Pi that raised money for the non-profit. HAWK is the philanthropy of the co-ed fraternity that raised $2,602 in less then a week through two events. “We held a dinner at a local restaurant and also held TTAT,” Weir said. TTAT is an annual event the organization holds where “two people are always teeter tottering, and it goes for a full 24 hours on MSU’s campus,” Weir said. “The money from this event specifically is put towards the education of the kids.”

The organization presented a check of the full amount $2,602 to Ali Easley, the foundation’s president, on Sunday Oct.

Non-profit foundation enhances schools through pizza sales

Story by Noriah Williams
Mason Times staff writer

MASON – Mothers and fathers of Mason could feel good ordering a pizza Wednesday, April 4, knowing a dollar of their purchase went to the Mason Public School Foundation. Founded in 1984 by a group of community volunteers and business leaders, the non-profit foundation is separate from the district, and provides funds for the school system. Beth Gorishek, president of the Mason Public School Foundation, understands the value in tending to the needs of the youth. The organization’s main goal is to enhance educational opportunities for young students in Mason. “People understand that without extra help, public education can’t be top of the line,” said Gorishek.

VFW draws large crowd for good cause

By Noriah Williams
Mason Times staff writer

MASON – Just outside the town lies a white, wooden building with an American flag flying high. This building is Mason VFW 7309, better known as the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization. It is in this building that for 50 years, men who have fought in wars and conflicts overseas come for support and fellowship. Along with these veterans are the men and women of the American Legion Auxiliary who, though never enlisted in the Armed Forces, join to support these veterans in any way they can. The purpose the VFW hall serves is an important one, yet its survival is under constant threat.