Video store still a part of Holt community

By Ashley Gibbard
Holt Journal staff reporter

In this new media age, everything is at our fingertips. Any game we want to play, any show or movie we want to watch we can probably find online through some service or another and have it instantly without ever having to leave our homes. So, how in the era of Netflix and Hulu has a Holt video store open since 1988 managed to survive, when the likes of Blockbuster and Hollywood video closed most of their stores by 2012? Why does the small town of Holt prefer this way of renting movies as opposed to the new technology? “I think it’s a common misconception that video stores can’t do well in a market where streaming movies and games has become such a popular thing,” said Brian Adams, district manager of Family Video, including Holt’s location at 2073 N. Aurelius Road.