Lawmakers propose tuition help for Michigan National Guard

Capital News Service
LANSING — Members of the Michigan National Guard could get $4,500 in tuition assistance under a bill recently introduced by legislators. It would set up a program where members could apply for help towards a college degree or vocational training, said Rep. Bruce Rendon, R-Lake City, who sponsored the bill. It’s an attempt to raise the state from the bottom ranks of those offering assistance to veterans, Rendon said. “To qualify, one would have to have a service contract with the Michigan National Guard where they have committed to a six-year contract at some point in their career,” said Brig. Gen. Mike Stone of the Michigan National Guard.

Abrams Municipal Airport repairs underway, National Guard covers costs

By Melissa Delekta
Grand Ledge Gazette Reporter

Grand Ledge- After an accident involving a National Guard helicopter training exercise, repairs to the Abrams Municipal Airports Precision Approach Path Indicator have begun. The airport is located at 16815 Wright Rd. Photo by Melissa DelektaMayor Kalmin Smith said the National Guard will be covering the costs of the repairs, which are estimated at $23,775. “Grand Ledge is a very patriotic town and the Army National Guard is a great neighbor,” Smith said. “Our residents are grateful for their service and pleased to share our municipal airport with them.”