Building permit request approved by Planning Commission

By Katie McCoy
Entirely East Lansing

EAST LANSING – Pablo Majano, planning and zoning community development analyst, requested approval to have the ability to apply for a building permit for Michigan State University Federal Credit Union’s headquarters and other zoning districts to build solar panels on carports at the Planning Commission meeting last Wednesday.  

There are no permits in play but this approval would allow business districts and community retail districts to request building permits for solar panel construction, according to Majano. At the planning commission meeting, Majano said this ordinance is based off another ordinance that allows for solar energy systems to be built carports with appropriate permits

Majano said Ordinance 1357 has been an existing regulation on alternative energy generation systems since 2011. “There are no current proposals for a carport energy system,” said Majano.  “Staff of the planning and zoning committee anticipates a future use of carport energy systems in the two different districts.”

Located on a zoning map of East Lansing, the districts requesting the building permits are located in the northern tier of East Lansing.

Focal Point Spring 2013 [Show 1]

The recent confession from Lance Armstrong may have some cyclists concerned for the future of the sport. The MSU Professors in the Advertising, Retailing, and Public Relations departments gathered for the 16th year to watch and rate the commercials during the Super Bowl. And, the MSU Jazz Department recently received a grant from the Michigan State Federal Credit Union for $1 Million. Focal Point is an Emmy awarding winning, student produced newscast from the School of Journalism at Michigan State University.