MMUGS creates a community of ukulele players

By Amanda Cowherd
Mason Times staff writer

Mid-Michigan Ukulele Group Strum met on Saturday, March 22, to play and sing along to Elvis Presley songs. MMUGS founder Terry Hill said he has gotten involved in the ukulele community in Michigan and beyond. Hill visited Australia last month because of fellow ukulele players he met through Facebook. Mason resident David Birney has spent the past year making ukuleles for friends. Anyone—musically talented or not—is welcome to come to the next MMUGS meeting on Saturday, April 26.

The Mid-Michigan Ukulele Group Strum meet in Mason in preparation for Mighty Uke Day

By Graciella Oteto
Mason Times staff writer

The Mid-Michigan Ukulele Group Strum had its monthly meeting Saturday afternoon at Bestsellers Books and Coffee at 360 S. Jefferson St. in Mason, Mich. Terry Hill, group leader of the MMUGS has been leading the Ukulele group since 2012, with Saturday being the group’s third anniversary. The ukulele, a small 60cm instrument created in 1879, is a four-string guitar of Hawaiian origin. The uke comes in soprano, concert, tenor and and baritone.