Potholes slow down the Old Town community


By Christine LaRouere
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer

OLD TOWN LANSING — Since the snow seems to be melting away, storeowners such as Kristin Olson are noticing the damage it caused to sidewalks and roads throughout Old Town. The owner of Love, Betti said even though each store is responsible for shoveling and maintenance of certain parts of the sidewalk it doesn’t always do the trick of keeping everything maintained. “Everyone is responsible for cleaning up their own section of the sidewalks,” Olson said. “Everything is beaten up now due to the impact of the severe weather.”

Help is on the way

According to MLive.com, on March 11, lawmakers in Michigan passed a fund of $215 million, specifically $100 million of that money going to fill potholes and fix streets. MLive further explained that the money will come from the general fund, with one portion for road agencies hit hard by the winter and the other portion set aside for a list of construction projects around the state.