Parents are on board with online public education, survey says

Capital News Service
LANSING — Webcams and laptops might be replacing no. 2 pencils and spiral notebooks as the school supplies of choice in Michigan. According to a survey by online course provider Michigan Virtual University, 79 percent of Michigan adults believe online courses are a valuable tool for middle and high school students. The survey also outlined interest in the way teachers are trained for these courses, and how districts support them. Many of the state’s educators share these parents’ sense of online importance, offering a variety of online learning opportunities.

More online classes on the horizon

Capital News Service
LANSING – Would you send your child to an online virtual school? Many schools around the state are now offering supplemental courses online. “Having these classes has only enriched the curriculum,” said Scott Moellenberndt, superintendent of Blissfield Community Schools. The district has added foreign language options that it could not afford before. “We are not losing any money at all,” said Moellenberndt of the extra classes.