Mason City Council regulates medical marijuana dispensaries

By Amanda Cowherd
Mason Times staff writer

Mason City Council members adopted an ordinance and a moratorium on regulating local medical marijuana dispensaries on Monday, March 17. Ordinance 196 requires that marijuana dispensaries be licensed and regulated by the city. The moratorium pushes back any licensing 180 days. Councilmembers were prompted to vote on the preventative measures after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the city of Wyoming couldn’t ban the use or growth of medical marijuana within its boundaries. “I feel that the moratorium gives us protection while we wait for the fluidity of legislation or the federal government to rule one way or another,” said Mayor Pro Tem Robin Naeyaert.

Summoned for duty? Computers may be option

Capital News Service
LANSING — Jury selection might become slightly less tedious for jurors and some courts thanks to a change in rules by the Michigan Supreme Court. The recent amendment allows personal history jury questionnaires to be completed, returned and maintained electronically, effective May 1. Previously court rule stated the questionnaire had to be completed in handwriting by the prospective juror. Paper is still permitted. Personal history questionnaires are used to select jurors for a specific trial while qualification questionnaires are initially sent to determine eligibility to act as a juror, said Marcia McBrien, Michigan Supreme Court public information officer.